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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Mojave Valley Daily News

Planning commission backs Laughlin riverfront development project

TERRI HARBER, The Daily News Feb 12, 2019 3

BULLHEAD CITY — A plan for a large development along the Colorado River will be presented to Bullhead City Council members next month, during which time they’ll be asked to decide whether the zoning map should be changed to allow for resident-multiple family uses along a nearly 4,000-feet-long strip of prime riverfront.

On Tuesday, the Planning and Zoning Commission referred the matter to the council after hearing about plans for the site owned by entrepreneur Don Laughlin. The vote was 5-0 with commissioners Mary Schramm and Ann Pettit absent.

The nearly 52.5 acres north of Malow’s and across from Home Depot also is slated for significant commercial and retail development closer to Highway 95. That area would be rezoned as general commercial.

The goal is to create 288 luxury condominiums with riverfront views. Four-story structures would have parking below ground. Also planned are two private docks.

Commissioner Richard Rojas asked if those docks could be used by others.

“We haven’t considered that,” said Ignacio Gonzalez, of Ignacio Gonzalez/Architects, Ltd., of Las Vegas, the project architect.

It’s expected that the creation of two docks would be enough to satisfy the anticipated resident use but whether it would be adequate to satisfy others is a question mark.

Commercial development is envisioned to house medical, professional and retail occupants as well as an arts center.

The look would be “a modern aesthetic,” said Gonzalez.

Along with access from Airport Center Drive and Seventh Street, the developer hopes to have a third entrance to commercial areas where drivers could enter or exit from the left or right with the aid of a traffic signal, said Don Anderson, manager of Anderson-Nelson Inc., a civil engineering company in Bullhead City that also is involved in the project.

Anderson pointed out that including a third access point with a signal would depend on the opinion of staff at the Arizona Department of Transportation.

ADOT has been wanting to place a barrier median in that section of Highway 95, Anderson noted.

Even if the third access point isn’t controlled by a traffic light, it would be created along with two other points where vehicles could enter and exit by turning right.

Traffic within the development area would be able to reach the access points that are light-controlled, he said.

“It’s a lovely proposal,” said Commissioner Norma Brummett. “I’m sure it’ll be an asset to our community.”

The site is a large portion of former state land zoned as public land district. Laughlin acquired the full 69 acres in 2011 after a California developer’s plan to bring a residential development didn’t reach fruition and the land was up for sale by auction. Laughlin paid $3.5 million for the property even though it had been appraised as being worth $15 million; he was the only bidder.

This development is considered to be a complement to Bullhead City’s plans for Community Park’s Section 12. It’s also adjacent to Old Bullhead, a part of the city officials would like to see improved.

No timeline was presented.

The proposed zoning map changes will be brought to the city council during its March 5 meeting.

Malows conditional-use permit approved

Commissioners approved a two-year conditional use permit to allow Malows Jet Ski Rentals continued use of property along Highway 95 north of Seventh Street for rentals along with display and storage.

Other uses allowed include watercraft launch, jet boat tour operations and office functions. Skydiving and an ATV business are no longer at the location.

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