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What’s new at GT/AD STUDIO for fall, 2023?

Well, we have once again expanded our range of current projects this year.

We currently have projects in all phases of Design and Construction in several states.

These current projects are in Arizona, California, Florida, Colorado, Florida, and Virginia.

De ja vu all over again? All the sudden, GT/AD Studio has a cluster of projects in the San Francisco Bay area. Fortunately, this occurrence also happened a couple of decades ago. We’ll take it every time.

We recently obtained another Architectural license. This one is for the State of Indiana. A few Indiana hospitality projects are in our near future.

Lastly, in addition to our comprehensive Architectural services, we’ve expanded our in-house consultant services. Net Zero assessment, feasibility / prognostication for international projects, and Habitat Oasis System.

As you may or may not recall, we created the Desert Oasis Architectural Style. We are always expanding and perfecting each of its specialties.

Images of some of our projects are coming!

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